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Businesses, groups and individuals who post updates on Facebook (FB) are sometimes disappointed because only a handful of people like those updates. And, these users who like the page will be able to see it due to FB’s algorithm EdgeRank. Now, the question arises why only a few are able to see your Facebook posts. This happens because Facebook’s algorithm decides who will view your posts and how long these posts will remain visible.

Now, how this is determined? To answer that question,   you need to be aware about 3 primary elements that determine the visibility of posts. Let’s have a look.

Weightage of Content: Different types of contents are posted on FB for social media optimization. These include text based posts, infographics, videos or simply high-quality images with a catchy slogan. It has been observed that pictures and videos are given more weightage than text based content and are visible higher up in the News Feed. Visual content are seen more frequently than ordinary posts.

Affinity: When it comes to affinity, it implies how friendly your business is with your fans. This is determined by how often you interact with your followers. Say for instance, someone has commented on your fan page and you have responded. FB’s algorithm will enhance the affinity score and thus your posts will appear more in the News Feed.

Decay: Posts that are old will not appear no matter what type of content you have posted. For example, if you have posted something 6-7 hours ago, it will not show up because most recent updates will appear high in the News Feed.

Even if it is assumed that all the 3 components work well, there is no assurance that your updates will be seen by all the users who liked your page. This is where the importance of FB post promotion comes into play.

Facebook Post Promotion

When you promote your post on FB, it implies that you are paying an amount at a cost per thousand (CPM) rate. It would last for a period of 3 days and during this time; your posts will be continuously visible in the News Feed of the community members. It will also be visible to their friends. When you promote a post, it becomes an ad.

Say for instance, you are all set to launch a new product and want people to learn about it. In such a case, you can create an appealing FB post and link it to the product description page. Once this is done, you can promote this post to make it more visible.

To ensure more people see your ads, you can:

–         Create conventional and low-cost ads

–         Use FB ads manager to build and test right rail ads. These ads are particularly targeted at those who liked your page.

How You Can Improve Conversions?

There are ways to convert visitors into customers once users click the link in your promoted post. Here are some on-page tactics that you can employ:

–         Use bold words and bullet lists to make the content easily scannable.

–         Place the CTA above the fold.

–         Use high-resolution visuals and those which are relevant.

Why Opt for Web Personalization?

As far as web personalization is concerned, it means modifying the page content bases on the kind of visitors, i.e. first-time and repeat visitors.

With the help of web personalization techniques, you can choose to show what you want to repeat visitors and something different for first-time ones. For repeat visitors, you can show something unique to move them up in the purchasing cycle.

For example, if you are using an eBook landing page and linking it to your Facebook post, you can show initial and repeat visitors similar USPs and motivate them to download the eBook. On the other hand, on the ‘Thank You’ page, you will reap the maximum benefits if you treat first-time and repeat users in a different manner.

For First-time Visitors: On the ‘Thank You’ Page, add a link to your company’s ‘About’ page so that visitors are able to know more about your organization.

For Repeat Visitors: You will benefit if you show repeat visitors an effective call-to-action so that they are encouraged to speak to one of your sales professional. You can also show them a short product video to persuade them for a sale.

Using these tactics, it will not only help businesses improve their conversion rate from users who come from promoted posts but will also help you monitor the ROI generated via social sites.




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