Evergreen content

Information which remains fresh, relevant, useful, and sought after for several years is known as evergreen content. It is unique content on your website that helps driving quality traffic and also offering a host of benefits. When your content writing specialist creates timeless articles, posts or how-to guides, it reinforces your brand and helps you establish yourself as a thought leader. When content is useful and thought provoking, it attracts organic links as they are more likely to be cited on other quality sites that are related to your niche business. Let’s begin our discussion about finding evergreen content.

The right topic

Finding the Right Topics

  • Begin by asking stakeholders, customers and suppliers. The best way to go about it is by asking customers what they would like to read. For example, if you are selling portable greenhouses for home gardening, an interesting and engaging write-up titled, ‘How to grow flowers in your portable greenhouse’ can become an evergreen article.
  • The modern generation is gadget crazy. Most of the time, you will see them busy with their high-end smartphones or tablets. They are listening to music, watching videos, playing games or downloading some cool apps. So, you can write about useful and amusing mobile apps to draw quality traffic.
  • Last but not the least is brainstorming ideas. You can ask your employees to participate in a brainstorming session. One employee may come up with a unique topic, another adding a critical viewpoint to it and a third employee making some significant tweaks in the content to turn it into an ageless piece of creative content.

Different Forms of Timeless Content

Do's and Don'ts


  • Do’s and Don’ts articles show readers and customers to do certain things in the right or wrong manner. These are interesting reads. For example, if you publish a Do’s and Don’ts article about Fire Safety, it’s a topic that will appeal to readers for years.

How to articles

  • How-to articles offer step-by-step guidelines for doing any specific task. It can be about installing an application on your PC or solving a business problem.
  • Product related insights or reviews are interesting pieces of content and helps customers make an informed purchase decision.

How to write evergreen content

Writing Evergreen Content

Only an appealing topic and title will not make your content evergreen. To make your articles or posts inimitable, it should have two qualities. First of all, it must have a unique and authoritative voice and of course must be comprehensible. If you fail to establish your authority, no one will read your content. Again, if it’s not easily understandable, no reader will share it across social platforms.

Content formats

Content Format to Follow

Text Based Articles: There is nothing like informative articles or engaging blog posts as they are important from an SEO perspective and drive maximum traffic.

Infographics: You can use colorful infographics with visuals supporting the text. This form of content is perfect for explaining difficult topics in simple step-by-step instructions.

White Papers: If you want to publish detailed material of about 2000 to 2500 words, then white paper is the right way to reach across to your audience.

Videos: You can convey some evergreen ideas to your customers with short beautifully created videos. Though the cost may be high, but it’s worth the investment.

Presentations: You can also use presentations to hook your audience via a storytelling approach.



Well-researched Articles Add More Weightage: You need to research well before beginning to write. When writing about any topic, source information from 2-3 sources for a better understanding. That’s because if you fail to explain your point of view to an average reader, then you do not understand the topic yourself.

Basics Matter: When writing, make sure you are absolutely sure about grammar, spelling and punctuation. Do not use jargons and commit spelling errors as it will affect your trustworthiness.

Your Credibility as an Author: As far as Google Authorship is concerned, it helps internet users recognize authoritative writers. If an author has a credible and inspiring bio appearing on the web or links to the published content, then your content credibility will be certainly established.

Readable content


Writing Simply: Even if you are writing for the most elite audience, make sure that your language is simple, easy to understand and straightforward. Sentences should be lucid and have clarity.

Edit in the Real Sense of the Word: When it comes to proofreaders, they proof copy only for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Experienced editors correct content in terms of logical flow of ideas, conciseness, clarity and accuracy of information.

What is your evergreen content creation strategy? Please share your views.


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  1. Do you suggest or know of any plugins or services to help deliver evergreen content based on user signup date (similar to how a autoresponder would deliver) versus on a set calendar schedule? I would like to have the content on a website and then unlock the content based on when the user signs up, so this schedule would be different for everyone.

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