Landing page copy

We all have heard about the famous adage, ’The pen is mightier than the sword.’ How true it is! Words and their appropriate use can flatter, inspire, persuade and motivate your customers to take some action. And, it is the responsibility of an accomplished copywriter to exploit the power of words for the financial gain of your business. This is where the importance of landing page content comes into play. In this post, we are going to discuss about how an experienced copy writing professional writes effective landing page copy that converts.

Customer Problems

First Understand What Problems Your Customers Are Facing

There are amateurish writers who start writing without even understanding the problems customers are facing. While penning your thoughts, ensure that you explain how your products or services solve their problems. The style and flow of the write-up should be such that it explains your customer’s problems in a lucid manner. In other words, the tone of the content should be like as if you are talking to your customers.

Features or benefits

Is It Features or Benefits?

If you are a copywriter reading this blog and have been trained in web copy writing at some point of time, your mentor must have told you to focus on product benefits instead of the features. Now, how to distinguish between the two? This is important as without understanding the difference, it’s difficult churning out killer landing page copy.

When it comes to FEATURES, it is the language used in your company to discuss about the products/services on offer. BENEFITS, on the other hand, refer to the language used by your potential and existing customers to describe your products.  So, build your content based on the benefits offered by your products. Let’s cite an example to make this point clear. Say for instance, you are selling microwave online. The product or landing page description should include the following points:

  • Saves cooking time
  • Useful for working ladies who return home feeling tired and exhausted. Our microwave cooks food faster without you having to toil and sweat in the kitchen.
  • Preparing kebabs and steaks has never been this easier!

You can also include other relevant points depending on your products. If you simply mention the stark features of a microwave, your customers, especially women will not show much interest as features won’t tell how your product will make their lives easier. So, think before you write.

amazon reviews

Amazon Reviews Will Help You

Some people do not have any idea as to how to begin. That’s why it’s important understanding what consumers actually want. The best way to find out is by looking at Amazon reviews. Look for the reviews of the products in your niche. It may be a smartphone, book, watches, garments or anything under the sun. Take some time in reading what customers who have purchased these items are saying. Was their experience good? Or the products failed to live up to their expectations? To get a better idea, focus more on one or two star reviews. It will help you learn what customers are struggling with.

Based on these reviews, it will be easier to identify the problems and solve them through apt product descriptions.

Smart content

Write Smart Copy

Be Direct and Succinct: Come straight to the point without beating about the bush. All words used should be used with a purpose and when you do the final edit, ensure that the final copy is crisp and devoid of fluff.

Use Simple Words, Short Sentences & Paragraphs: The landing page of your website is no place to flaunt your dexterity for ornamental prose. So, please do not write a sonnet. Instead, write your copy in a manner to accentuate product or service benefits by incorporating smart and easy to understand punch lines.

Talk with Your Customers: The tone of the write-up should be like as if you are conversing with your audience. Write in the second person and address your customer as ‘You’.

Test with Different Content & Headlines: When it comes to a landing page, it is different from an article or blog post. It’s a continuous process. So, try improving the page with different kinds of content and headlines.

Killer headline

Hook Your Audience with a Killer Headline

The key to the success of any product or landing page is a smart headline. That’s because people read headlines first, and if it’s interesting; they continue reading the body copy. So, if you fail to attract the attention of your prospects with a killer headline, they have other websites to divert their attention.

Product story

Paint a Word-Picture or Product Story

You have landing page content and have answered all questions pertaining to your products/services. Then, you have to narrate an interesting product story and paint a word-picture explaining how your customer’s lifestyle would be after he or she has bought your product. Let customers visualize how their day to day problems will be solved after using your products or services.

Reason to buy

Give Your Customers a Reason to Buy

You are selling an array of products at great prices. Your competitors are selling similar products at competitive prices. Then, why should customers buy from you and not them! Well, you can prove the credibility of your products by:

  • Sharing testimonials from buyers who have already used your products and are satisfied with the experience.
  • Lessen a buyer’s risk by offering some kind of a guarantee.
  • Highlight special offers such as a discount. Attract customers with a limited period offer as it converts.

Clear call to action

Ask Readers to Do Something

After reading your copy, make sure that your potential customers know what they are supposed to do. Therefore, include a call-to-action (CTA) that is direct and tells prospects to subscribe to your newsletters, download an eBook, or inquire about your products or services.


Do Not Conclude with a CTA…Summarize

Your CTA is important but do not end your web copy with it. Use the blank space below the CTA to summarize the solutions you have offered and also highlight the problems your products solve.

Do you have a well-designed landing page with smart, compelling copy? Please feel free to share your thoughts.








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