Making it Big on YouTube

Aspiring actors, singers, rappers, performers or entertainers have to literally drag their feet from one audition to the other for coming into the limelight.  Today, musicians, actors, singers and comedians do not need to look any farther than their PC or laptop to earn that celebrity status! Is this sounding too good to be true? Want to make it big on YouTube or other video platforms such as Vimeo? Keep reading to get your answers.

Aspiring artists and singers may try their luck (to get famous) on video sharing sites. Entertainers like Jessica Rose, became famous by showing her true persona and some amount of love to her fans and followers. People endowed with a good voice or someone who is good at mimicry can rise to fame on the YouTube radar. Let’s find out how.

Culturally relevant

1. Staying Culturally Relevant

You can have a better shot at rising to fame by uploading videos that are related to pop culture. Justin Bieber did it and succeeded. So can you!


2. Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

If you watch popular videos, there is one thing in common. The entertainers- be it artists or pop stars have something interesting to offer to the audience. It may be foot tapping music, useful advice or a few minutes of hilarious performance. So, the key to success is providing loads of entertainment. You will never know when your video has gone viral and spiraled towards fame and splendor!

Hilarious videos

3. Create Parodies or Give Your Video a Hilarious Twist

Responses to other videos, parodies and hilarious twists to an existing popular video are great ways to capitalize on video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. This way, your hilarious video will pop up when people will be searching for the famous video.


4. Respond to Comments

A good way to connect with your audience and build relationships is by responding to your subscribers. If your fan leaves a comment, respond back. If someone asks for an advice, offer it. Be the way you are to attract the attention of more and more viewers.

Now, check out how YouTube has helped these aspiring entertainers reach out and impress their audience with their talent display on video sharing sites.

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

In the year 2006, LonelyGirl15, a teenage girl just posted a series of YouTube videos about her individual observations about life. The videos went viral and attracted the attention of millions! More speculation was over the fact whether the videos were genuine or fake. These web flicks turned out be fictitious and created by a group of friends having experience on film and the internet. This teen girl was no one but Jessica Rose – American-New Zealand actress, who made it big on YouTube by playing Bree alias LonelyGirl15.

Since then there was no looking back for Jessica as she went on to play in the TV series ‘Greek’. She also appeared in several movies including ‘I Know Who Killed Me’, ‘Ghost Town’, ‘Casting Couch’ and more.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was another musically endowed guy from Ontario, Canada. In 2007, this 12-year old boy’s mum posted a YouTube video so that family members and friends can see it. This video was part of a local music competition. His mom continued posting several R&B songs until the boy’s talent was revealed and recognized by Scooter Braun, a music promoter.

Braun flew him to Atlanta for demo recordings and soon he became the famous pop star behind the chartbuster ‘Baby’, driving young girls crazy with the Bieber fever!

Brooke Brodack

Brooke Brodack

Brooke started by uploading some short, crazy and funny videos in 2005. One can see her dancing wildly and enthusiastically to a Romanian pop number! It just took less than a year to turn her from no-name to fame as she bagged an 18-month contract from the renowned American TV host, Carson Jones Daly. Comedian Brooke Brodack helped develop content for Daly’s production house.

Daly was not the only prominent media persona to take notice of Brooke’s talent. This rising star’s talent was also recognized by the Wall Street Journal when she was dubbed as a ‘crossover star’. Again, The New Yorker aptly named her as ‘the first real YouTube star’. Brooke now works in collaboration on several comedy ventures across the US.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black rose to fame once her 15 minutes 2011 music video ‘Friday’ went viral. Though her video was criticized by viewers and critics alike, it received millions of views in the first 5 months. She made it big on YouTube in a short span of time and got an opportunity to work on Katy Perry’s music video, ‘Last Friday Night’. Rebecca is also working on other videos as well.

These aspiring stars show us that fame and celeb status can be just around the corner. The perfect blend of luck and talent has helped them achieve considerable success.




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