Benefits of blog commenting

When you leave meaningful messages on other blogger’s posts, it is known as professional blog commenting. However, there are businesses that do this just to get some backlinks to their websites. Are you clinging to such old practices? If yes, then you are missing marketing opportunities. Remember that embracing a blog commenting marketing strategy helps your business become known within your niche industry.


Most of the professional blogs are set up with the ‘no follow’ tag in the comment links. This means that people who are interested just in getting backlinks will not get any credit or recognition for a backlink that has no or little value for the purpose.

So, How Commenting Helps?

Do you actively participate in your niche’s online community? If you comment on blogs related to your business, post on Facebook and Twitter or participate in forums, people come to know about your company, brand and products. A trust is built around your brand and customers take interest in your products and services.

Getting the Most out of Your Blog Commenting Efforts

When you comment on a professional blog related to your business, it should not be done just for the sake of it. The question is how to go about it. Well, here are some ideas to help you out.

Comment on relevant blogs

Look for Blogs that are Pertinent to Your Business: You are an owner of a digital marketing and web consulting company offering web design and development, content creation, SEO, SMO, and mobile app development services. While posting comments, it’s imperative that you look for blogs and posts that are closely related. It’s no use posting on a blog about gardening. So, relevancy matters if you want traffic that is well-targeted to your website, products or services.


Comment on Blogs that Attract Considerable Traffic: Try commenting on blogs that normally gets 20-25 comments per post. This is the best way to ascertain whether readers are interested in participating in a discussion and taking it forward. And, when you post a meaningful comment, chances are there that people will click through to your website.

Be the First One to Comment: When someone posts an in-depth article about any topic, ensure that you are the first one to comment on it. At least be visible within the first 3-4 comments. This is difficult but very significant to make your business known within your niche industry.

Useful, informative and relevant comment

Post Relevant, Useful and Informative Comment: Leave comments that are useful, relevant and informative instead of posting something as vague as ‘great post’, or ‘nice write up’, adding no meaning or value to the post. You can make out spammy comments by looking at your website’s posts. Then, there are people who post meaningless and irrelevant messages just to get a backlink from your site. Remember comments that are spammy are immediately deleted by the blog administrator. Only the thoughtful ones are posted. And, once you leave purposeful comments, it builds your credibility and may even result in referral traffic to your website.

Comment on every blogs

Comment on Various Blogs instead of Leaving Too Many Comments on a Single Site: If you keep leaving comments on a single site, the blog owner may perceive you as a robot generating automatic comments after every post. So, be natural and post one comment per blog. You can post at various times at various sites for better results.

Do you comment on niche blogs that are related to your business? Please share your thoughts.




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