Color and logo design

A logo is not about creating some shapes and making them look attractive. In fact, it’s your brand’s symbol that tells your customers a story about your business. The key to a successful logo design is the use of color psychology and evoking the right emotions in your targeted audience. The shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple or pink are used to trigger human sentiments in a way that customers start liking your products and relate with them.

Let’s understand what role colors play in designing your company’s logo.

Pizza hut logo


This color evokes feelings of love, passion, anger, warning and sensuality. Red is one such color hat is widely used in brand logos and which conveys the message intensely. When you think of fast food chains, red is widely used because it is a great appetizer. Yes, it makes you feel hungry! Look at fast food chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or KFC. Again, this shade is used in dating sites because red is associated with love and passion.

Mcdonalds logo


Yellow is associated with joy, cheerfulness and energy. This is a bright color and normally relates to merriment and happiness. This is the reason yellow is used by toy stores, amusement parks, family restaurants (like McDonald’s). McDonald’s uses yellow because the color relates to the cheerfulness of dining out.

Orange color logo


When it comes to orange, it evokes feelings of boldness, enthusiasm and energy. That’s why giant corporations have their work floors (especially the walls) designed using bold orange. The color is also suitable for businesses offering services like vacations, television channels for kids and day care.

IBM logo


Blue is related to trust, dependability, seriousness and confidence. That’s why businesses use blue to signify confidence and dependability. Banks, technology companies (like IBM), physical therapy, pediatrics and other businesses that are associated with solving problems of customers use blue to build customer trust.

Green logo


When it comes to green, it is associated with nature, safety and finance. There are outdoor recreational companies that attract audience attention by incorporating the color green in their logos. For example, organic food companies, yard care, camping equipment and financial institutions use green.

Purple logo


Purple is that color that is not so commonly used by many brands. That’s because this shade evokes specific feelings and target customers who want to distinguish themselves as classy, refined and stylish. Businesses that target the elite population use purple. Examples include jewelry, chocolates, expensive skin care products and luxury cars.

Pink logo


The color pink denotes femininity and relates to fun and flirtatiousness. Brand logos that target women make profuse use of pink. The US toy company, Mattel, Inc. uses pink in abundance to advertise Barbie dolls.

Brown logo


Brown, on the other hand, has masculine appeal and used in products that are related to outdoor and bucolic life.

What are your thoughts on color psychology in brand logo design? Please feel free to comment.


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