Minimalisn in web design

Whether you are designing your next business website or browsing sites, the key to a fast learning experience is minimal web design. There is a myth surrounding minimalistic websites. People think that designing simple web pages mean compromising on the quality. On the contrary, a simple web layout is more user-friendly and appealing to visitors than a web page splashed with gaudy colors, fancy fonts, confusing navigation and flying graphics. Professional designers know how to build simple yet aesthetic and engrossing web pages. To learn more about the benefits of it, keep reading this post.

Fast page loading

Faster Page Load Time and Robustness

A website becomes heavy with large-sized photos and graphics and takes several minutes to load. This affects the performance and speed of your site. Remember your visitors are impatient and have a very limited attention span. They will not patiently wait for your site to load and will click away. A minimal design, on the other hand, will make the content visually pleasing and improve the browsing experience. Your website will load faster and perform better.

Simple navigation

Easy to Navigate

Your business website, if cluttered with fonts, menus, icons and unnecessary content, is difficult to navigate. Users will have a tough time navigating the site and take more time to access the required information.

For a better user experience, professional web design experts recommend the use of white or negative space, roll over tabs, drop down menus, and fewer graphics. These elements will not only make your site uncluttered and user-friendly but also bring your products or services into greater focus.

 Greater Appeal for Brand Marketing

Minimalistic design helps your website build that aesthetic and targeted appeal to take your brand to the next level. For example, if white space is intelligently used to highlight your product offerings or call-to-action statements, it will help your products take center stage and attract the attention of more customers. This consequently will result in improving sales and generating more revenues.

Takes Less Server Space

Heavy websites with more visuals, graphics and large files take up more server space clogging bandwidth. It also proves costly and definitely not cost-effective. Minimal and simple design, on the other hand, takes up less server space which can be utilized for other fruitful purpose.

Reduced cost

Less Programming and Coding Costs

When web pages have a simple yet appealing layout, you spend less on programming and coding. In other words, your development costs are minimized and it also makes the developer’s job easier as your website is easy to design and develop.

It is needless to say that with simpler and small file size, error control and debugging becomes a simple task.

Do you know of other benefits of simple page layouts? Please comment.


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