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You have several blogs to your credit. And, you have written about interesting and diverse topics. However, readers are not finding your posts engaging enough. As a result, you are lagging behind in terms of followers and popularity. In this post, I am going to share some useful ideas about making your blog content more conversational. The style of writing should be as if you are talking to your reader over a cup of coffee.

When it comes to content writing, and particularly for the online audience, you have to do away with the stiff and formal way of writing. When you are churning out a blog post, ensure that it doesn’t sound like a school essay. Here some tips and ideas to help aspiring bloggers.

Write simple english

Use Simple and Everyday English

As far as the internet audience is concerned, they like reading simple and uncomplicated English. Here are a few examples to give you a fair idea:

Probe= find out

Occupation= job

Inquire= ask

Procure= get

Insipid= uninteresting or dull

Metamorphose= change

Confiscate= take away

So, if you break the above mentioned words, it simplifies the language and your targeted audience has a better understanding of your post.

Again, if you are writing a technical post, you have to include a lot of jargon. In order to build a rapport with your readers, make sure you explain the technical terms in clear and simple English.

Talk Directly to Your Reader

When writing a blog, start by imagining that you are writing for just one reader. Address this reader as ‘You’ and do not hesitate to use ‘I’. The use of ‘I’ is inappropriate for a school essay but it works fine when it comes to a blog. Let’s cite an example to make this point clear. Say for instance, you are churning out your first post on gardening. Have a look at the following sentences:

Sentence 1: In the first blog about gardening, people have several questions.

Sentence 2: When I was writing my first blog about gardening, I had a lot of questions.

The second sentence is more appealing to readers as it is in a conversational tone. Similarly, your posts should have the word ‘You’ to make it informal.


Contractions Work

When I was in school, my English teacher taught me to write ‘Should not’ and avoid using ‘Shouldn’t’. This rule works in school essays. When it comes to blogging, there is no problem in using contractions like ‘Don’t’ or ‘Shouldn’t’.

Image Credit: WikiHow

active and passive voice

Don’t Use Passive Voice

When you use the passive voice, it weakens your sentences by concealing the subject. Have a look at the following:

Sentence 1: This blog was written last week. (Passive)

Sentence 2: I wrote this blog last week. (Active)

I am not saying that writing in the passive form is incorrect but writing in the active voice makes your write-up more alive.

Are you comfortable writing in a conversational tone? Please share your ideas and comments.


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