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Welcome to my blog once again! In this post, I am going to talk about SEO copy writing and what you should do to avoid writing for the search engines. Experienced digital marketing professionals recommend writing rich and engaging content for readers and not for Google. The notion that you have to churn out web copy, articles and blog posts for Google in a manner to get higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is a misconception. The truth is you have to write for the users so that they find your content informative and useful. And, that’s what Google wants, and will give your website better rankings in the SERPs.

Here some of the aspects that you should keep in mind.

avoid keyword stuffing

The Keyword, ‘Fruit baskets’ Repeated Several Times in Your Copy

If you repeat the search term ‘fruit baskets’ 10-12 times in a comprehensive web copy, the natural flow of information will be disrupted. The content will not be engrossing and readers will not like reading it. I am not saying that the web content writing professional did this on purpose or to spam the search engines. However, many think that stuffing your copy with keywords is a healthy SEO practice. No, it is not; so stay away from it.

Engaging content

Write Engagingly

As per the latest algorithm updates from Google, user-intent content will be rewarded more than keyword focused copy. So, the thumb rule is writing for your readers and not for Google! For example, if you are writing category descriptions about fruit baskets, think in terms of improving the user experience. Instead of repeating the same key phrases over and over again, write crisp, compact and useful descriptions that will captivate your readers’ interest.

Here is an example of a write-up:

Our fruit baskets include fresh, succulent apples, sweet kiwis, bursting pomegranates, ripe mangoes, and colorful tangerines straight from the natural fruit orchards to delight the taste buds of your friends and family on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and Thanksgiving.  

In the description above, the word fruit basket has been mentioned only once. The copy is more about how fruit baskets will make a great gift for family and friends. So, it’s the user experience that matters.

Quality not quantity

Quality Matters, Not Quantity

Google will reward websites that have rich web content than those pages with fluff copy and fillers. So, it’s more about writing quality web pages and not how many pages of fluff contents you churn out a day.

So, the key to success is attracting quality traffic and making your brand’s presence felt with killer content. What are your views on this subject? Please feel free to comment.


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