Writing product descriptions

Do you have an e-commerce website with a myriad of product offerings but still finding it difficult to meet monthly sales target? The reason could be poor product descriptions that are simply describing your products! This is one mistake even web copy writing professionals make. Then, where do these writers go wrong? Well, they are simply writing descriptions that do not sell! So, let’s have a peek at some of the ways to write persuasive product descriptions that sell.

Tempt Customers with Benefits

Tempt Customers with the Benefits

When you are selling your own merchandise online, you simply get carried away by the features and specifications. Most of the time, you are thinking about the greatness of your products, your brand and website. Such aspects will not interest your buyers because they are least bothered about the stark features and specs. They want to know how your latest microwave oven will make their lives simpler.

Let me explain with an example. Your e-store displays the latest microwave oven. Before writing, think how your new microwave will make your consumer happy and more productive. When it comes to a microwave, it’s a useful kitchen appliance for moms and working ladies. So, the description should be written accordingly. Have a look at this:

Example: Our new Microwave lessens your cooking time. Scurrying moms can prepare breakfast quickly in the rush hours of the morning. A convenient appliance for you to prepare early morning breakfast for your school-going kids!

As for busy corporate women, our product will lessen your cooking time. Savor juicy and mouthwatering chicken kebabs or pork steak that will melt in the warmth of your mouth. And, all this in just minutes without sweating out in the kitchen when you return home tired after a 9-hour hectic shift!

Words for Ideal Customers

Who is Your Ideal Buyer?

Always write keeping in mind your ideal buyer. If you start composing a product copy with a huge audience in mind, your description is sure to miss the target. You will end up targeting no one!

The best way is to address your buyer in a personalized tone. Imagine as if you are talking with your customer face-to-face. Ask questions and answer them. Choose words carefully. Use of words like ‘You’ and ‘Your’ will create a better impact. The style and tone should be conversational and resonate profoundly.

Say for instance, you sell vehicle graphics online and targeting pizza delivery companies. How to write apt descriptions for your vehicle wraps? Here is an example:

Example: Do you know what’s depressing about ordinary vehicle wraps? They are too insipid in terms of appearance and no one will notice your commercial pizza van when hitting the roads. So, no fun and excitement at all! Our van decals are real fun. Do you know why? That’s because they come in multiple designs, colors and graphics to get noticed instantly when your vehicle is cruising the roads. It’s your mobile billboard making thousands of impressions a day.

Sensory words used by chocolate companies

Evoke Feelings Using Sensory Words

Chocolate manufacturers use this technique to escalate sales. That’s because sensory words evoke human feelings. Have a look at the following:

Example: Discover the darker side of our chocolates. You will love our soft, crunchy toffees and our dark chocolate will give you a smooth feel once it starts melting in your mouth. You will love savoring its rich taste giving you a slice of heaven!

Words like crunchy, smooth, soft are powerful adjectives making your customers experience the feeling of relishing a chocolate while reading your product description.

Use Superlatives ONLY If You Can Justify

Making your mark in the digital marketing world is not cakewalk. If you are using superlatives for your product, justify it. Without proving that your product is the best, the superlative will look insincere. You are selling ladies handbag and describe it as the best. Why should people trust you in the first place if you can’t substantiate?

Avoid yeah, yeah phrases like: ‘Our products are of outstanding quality’. Your potential buyer is smart and knows instantly you are writing something that everybody writes! Therefore, write a genuine and honest description like:

Example: Our ladies handbags come in attractive colors, designs, and have soft pleats and roomy interiors. The inner pockets will accommodate your smartphone, pen, notepad, makeup kit, and things like that. It’s lightweight and easy to carry to your office.

Social proof

Do You Have Social Proof?

Internet shoppers are often confused as to what items to buy. Consequently, they look for reviews and recommendations. If one of your customers is happy with your home gardening products and posted a review on a social site; use that customer review to your advantage. And, always remember to add a photo of the customer along with the quote. This makes your products more credible and your brand approachable to consumers. If you are not sure about it, you can consult a professional associated with a social media company.

Remember that customers are drawn to products that are popular and reviewed positively.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Please feel free to comment.


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