Create Landing Page Content that Makes Your Audience Listen

Landing page copy

We all have heard about the famous adage, ’The pen is mightier than the sword.’ How true it is! Words and their appropriate use can flatter, inspire, persuade and motivate your customers to take some action. And, it is the responsibility of an accomplished copywriter to exploit the power of words for the financial gain of your business. This is where the importance of landing page content comes into play. In this post, we are going to discuss about how an experienced copy writing professional writes effective landing page copy that converts.

Customer Problems

First Understand What Problems Your Customers Are Facing

There are amateurish writers who start writing without even understanding the problems customers are facing. While penning your thoughts, ensure that you explain how your products or services solve their problems. The style and flow of the write-up should be such that it explains your customer’s problems in a lucid manner. In other words, the tone of the content should be like as if you are talking to your customers.

Features or benefits

Is It Features or Benefits?

If you are a copywriter reading this blog and have been trained in web copy writing at some point of time, your mentor must have told you to focus on product benefits instead of the features. Now, how to distinguish between the two? This is important as without understanding the difference, it’s difficult churning out killer landing page copy.

When it comes to FEATURES, it is the language used in your company to discuss about the products/services on offer. BENEFITS, on the other hand, refer to the language used by your potential and existing customers to describe your products.  So, build your content based on the benefits offered by your products. Let’s cite an example to make this point clear. Say for instance, you are selling microwave online. The product or landing page description should include the following points:

  • Saves cooking time
  • Useful for working ladies who return home feeling tired and exhausted. Our microwave cooks food faster without you having to toil and sweat in the kitchen.
  • Preparing kebabs and steaks has never been this easier!

You can also include other relevant points depending on your products. If you simply mention the stark features of a microwave, your customers, especially women will not show much interest as features won’t tell how your product will make their lives easier. So, think before you write.

amazon reviews

Amazon Reviews Will Help You

Some people do not have any idea as to how to begin. That’s why it’s important understanding what consumers actually want. The best way to find out is by looking at Amazon reviews. Look for the reviews of the products in your niche. It may be a smartphone, book, watches, garments or anything under the sun. Take some time in reading what customers who have purchased these items are saying. Was their experience good? Or the products failed to live up to their expectations? To get a better idea, focus more on one or two star reviews. It will help you learn what customers are struggling with.

Based on these reviews, it will be easier to identify the problems and solve them through apt product descriptions.

Smart content

Write Smart Copy

Be Direct and Succinct: Come straight to the point without beating about the bush. All words used should be used with a purpose and when you do the final edit, ensure that the final copy is crisp and devoid of fluff.

Use Simple Words, Short Sentences & Paragraphs: The landing page of your website is no place to flaunt your dexterity for ornamental prose. So, please do not write a sonnet. Instead, write your copy in a manner to accentuate product or service benefits by incorporating smart and easy to understand punch lines.

Talk with Your Customers: The tone of the write-up should be like as if you are conversing with your audience. Write in the second person and address your customer as ‘You’.

Test with Different Content & Headlines: When it comes to a landing page, it is different from an article or blog post. It’s a continuous process. So, try improving the page with different kinds of content and headlines.

Killer headline

Hook Your Audience with a Killer Headline

The key to the success of any product or landing page is a smart headline. That’s because people read headlines first, and if it’s interesting; they continue reading the body copy. So, if you fail to attract the attention of your prospects with a killer headline, they have other websites to divert their attention.

Product story

Paint a Word-Picture or Product Story

You have landing page content and have answered all questions pertaining to your products/services. Then, you have to narrate an interesting product story and paint a word-picture explaining how your customer’s lifestyle would be after he or she has bought your product. Let customers visualize how their day to day problems will be solved after using your products or services.

Reason to buy

Give Your Customers a Reason to Buy

You are selling an array of products at great prices. Your competitors are selling similar products at competitive prices. Then, why should customers buy from you and not them! Well, you can prove the credibility of your products by:

  • Sharing testimonials from buyers who have already used your products and are satisfied with the experience.
  • Lessen a buyer’s risk by offering some kind of a guarantee.
  • Highlight special offers such as a discount. Attract customers with a limited period offer as it converts.

Clear call to action

Ask Readers to Do Something

After reading your copy, make sure that your potential customers know what they are supposed to do. Therefore, include a call-to-action (CTA) that is direct and tells prospects to subscribe to your newsletters, download an eBook, or inquire about your products or services.


Do Not Conclude with a CTA…Summarize

Your CTA is important but do not end your web copy with it. Use the blank space below the CTA to summarize the solutions you have offered and also highlight the problems your products solve.

Do you have a well-designed landing page with smart, compelling copy? Please feel free to share your thoughts.







How Some Entertainers Make It Big on YouTube while Others Don’t?

Making it Big on YouTube

Aspiring actors, singers, rappers, performers or entertainers have to literally drag their feet from one audition to the other for coming into the limelight.  Today, musicians, actors, singers and comedians do not need to look any farther than their PC or laptop to earn that celebrity status! Is this sounding too good to be true? Want to make it big on YouTube or other video platforms such as Vimeo? Keep reading to get your answers.

Aspiring artists and singers may try their luck (to get famous) on video sharing sites. Entertainers like Jessica Rose, became famous by showing her true persona and some amount of love to her fans and followers. People endowed with a good voice or someone who is good at mimicry can rise to fame on the YouTube radar. Let’s find out how.

Culturally relevant

1. Staying Culturally Relevant

You can have a better shot at rising to fame by uploading videos that are related to pop culture. Justin Bieber did it and succeeded. So can you!


2. Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment

If you watch popular videos, there is one thing in common. The entertainers- be it artists or pop stars have something interesting to offer to the audience. It may be foot tapping music, useful advice or a few minutes of hilarious performance. So, the key to success is providing loads of entertainment. You will never know when your video has gone viral and spiraled towards fame and splendor!

Hilarious videos

3. Create Parodies or Give Your Video a Hilarious Twist

Responses to other videos, parodies and hilarious twists to an existing popular video are great ways to capitalize on video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. This way, your hilarious video will pop up when people will be searching for the famous video.


4. Respond to Comments

A good way to connect with your audience and build relationships is by responding to your subscribers. If your fan leaves a comment, respond back. If someone asks for an advice, offer it. Be the way you are to attract the attention of more and more viewers.

Now, check out how YouTube has helped these aspiring entertainers reach out and impress their audience with their talent display on video sharing sites.

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

In the year 2006, LonelyGirl15, a teenage girl just posted a series of YouTube videos about her individual observations about life. The videos went viral and attracted the attention of millions! More speculation was over the fact whether the videos were genuine or fake. These web flicks turned out be fictitious and created by a group of friends having experience on film and the internet. This teen girl was no one but Jessica Rose – American-New Zealand actress, who made it big on YouTube by playing Bree alias LonelyGirl15.

Since then there was no looking back for Jessica as she went on to play in the TV series ‘Greek’. She also appeared in several movies including ‘I Know Who Killed Me’, ‘Ghost Town’, ‘Casting Couch’ and more.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was another musically endowed guy from Ontario, Canada. In 2007, this 12-year old boy’s mum posted a YouTube video so that family members and friends can see it. This video was part of a local music competition. His mom continued posting several R&B songs until the boy’s talent was revealed and recognized by Scooter Braun, a music promoter.

Braun flew him to Atlanta for demo recordings and soon he became the famous pop star behind the chartbuster ‘Baby’, driving young girls crazy with the Bieber fever!

Brooke Brodack

Brooke Brodack

Brooke started by uploading some short, crazy and funny videos in 2005. One can see her dancing wildly and enthusiastically to a Romanian pop number! It just took less than a year to turn her from no-name to fame as she bagged an 18-month contract from the renowned American TV host, Carson Jones Daly. Comedian Brooke Brodack helped develop content for Daly’s production house.

Daly was not the only prominent media persona to take notice of Brooke’s talent. This rising star’s talent was also recognized by the Wall Street Journal when she was dubbed as a ‘crossover star’. Again, The New Yorker aptly named her as ‘the first real YouTube star’. Brooke now works in collaboration on several comedy ventures across the US.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black rose to fame once her 15 minutes 2011 music video ‘Friday’ went viral. Though her video was criticized by viewers and critics alike, it received millions of views in the first 5 months. She made it big on YouTube in a short span of time and got an opportunity to work on Katy Perry’s music video, ‘Last Friday Night’. Rebecca is also working on other videos as well.

These aspiring stars show us that fame and celeb status can be just around the corner. The perfect blend of luck and talent has helped them achieve considerable success.



How Blog Commenting Helps Your Business Become Familiar within Your Niche?

Benefits of blog commenting

When you leave meaningful messages on other blogger’s posts, it is known as professional blog commenting. However, there are businesses that do this just to get some backlinks to their websites. Are you clinging to such old practices? If yes, then you are missing marketing opportunities. Remember that embracing a blog commenting marketing strategy helps your business become known within your niche industry.


Most of the professional blogs are set up with the ‘no follow’ tag in the comment links. This means that people who are interested just in getting backlinks will not get any credit or recognition for a backlink that has no or little value for the purpose.

So, How Commenting Helps?

Do you actively participate in your niche’s online community? If you comment on blogs related to your business, post on Facebook and Twitter or participate in forums, people come to know about your company, brand and products. A trust is built around your brand and customers take interest in your products and services.

Getting the Most out of Your Blog Commenting Efforts

When you comment on a professional blog related to your business, it should not be done just for the sake of it. The question is how to go about it. Well, here are some ideas to help you out.

Comment on relevant blogs

Look for Blogs that are Pertinent to Your Business: You are an owner of a digital marketing and web consulting company offering web design and development, content creation, SEO, SMO, and mobile app development services. While posting comments, it’s imperative that you look for blogs and posts that are closely related. It’s no use posting on a blog about gardening. So, relevancy matters if you want traffic that is well-targeted to your website, products or services.


Comment on Blogs that Attract Considerable Traffic: Try commenting on blogs that normally gets 20-25 comments per post. This is the best way to ascertain whether readers are interested in participating in a discussion and taking it forward. And, when you post a meaningful comment, chances are there that people will click through to your website.

Be the First One to Comment: When someone posts an in-depth article about any topic, ensure that you are the first one to comment on it. At least be visible within the first 3-4 comments. This is difficult but very significant to make your business known within your niche industry.

Useful, informative and relevant comment

Post Relevant, Useful and Informative Comment: Leave comments that are useful, relevant and informative instead of posting something as vague as ‘great post’, or ‘nice write up’, adding no meaning or value to the post. You can make out spammy comments by looking at your website’s posts. Then, there are people who post meaningless and irrelevant messages just to get a backlink from your site. Remember comments that are spammy are immediately deleted by the blog administrator. Only the thoughtful ones are posted. And, once you leave purposeful comments, it builds your credibility and may even result in referral traffic to your website.

Comment on every blogs

Comment on Various Blogs instead of Leaving Too Many Comments on a Single Site: If you keep leaving comments on a single site, the blog owner may perceive you as a robot generating automatic comments after every post. So, be natural and post one comment per blog. You can post at various times at various sites for better results.

Do you comment on niche blogs that are related to your business? Please share your thoughts.



Build a Content Marketing Strategy that Resonates with Your Customers

Content Marketing Strategy

Do you churn out content that fails to create an impact? Or work really hard on researching extensively to create killer content that resonates with your targeted audience? Unless you study hard and analyze tons of resources, your content will underperform and fail to reach out to your targeted customers.

Though content marketing is regarded extremely important for 2014, only a few companies have a solid content policy in place. This results in web copy, articles and blogs that are too ordinary, and lacks the richness of unique, creative, useful and worth-sharing information.

So, if you really want information that engages your customers, increases social sharing and networking, learn how you can build a foolproof content strategy.

Collate Lots of Data and Target Keywords that Fit Your Brand

Consider you have a business and offering website design and development services. Just writing a web copy of 250-300 words will not help anymore. You have to prove to your potential clients how your services will help solve their business problems. This means you have to do in-depth research and collect loads of information and then write smart, useful copy to establish how your services will help improve your client’s business.

Just researching on content is not enough; you also need to research on the keywords that aptly fit your client’s brand. Use the search terms that best describe your business and also ensure that these keywords are used by your customers when they looking for products or services online.

What You Need to Create and Post?

Whatever posts, social media content or infographics you are creating, they should bring in some positive results. The key to success is lining up your sales plan with your understanding of the goal of your brand’s content marketing efforts.

Write Posts that Create Awareness: If you want to improve on brand awareness, churn out product or service related posts on a regular basis. Besides articles and blog posts, you can also create short social media content, eye-catching and useful infographics and even banner ads.

E-Books, White Papers & Buyer’s Guides: Shoppers who look for products on the internet prefer researching before making a purchase. To keep your target customers engaged for a considerable period of time, write-ups like e-books, white papers and buyer’s guides help in brand reinforcement. Post such content weekly to help those buyers who are looking for information related to your products/services. Make sure your e-books and buyer’s guides have appropriate images and illustrations to support the content. Your content should help consumers make informed decisions.

Publish Top 10 Products or a Best of List: It’s needless to say that online competition is pretty stiff. The products you are selling are also sold by ten other companies at the same price. In such a situation, your prospective customers will compare your brand of products to that of your competitors. You have to influence these searchers by publishing information about your top 10 products or a popular list. Try posting such contents on social sites to build more customer engagement.

An Editorial Calendar to Produce Fresh Content

Include an editorial calendar in your content strategy as it will help you house your content plans, keywords, and social messaging. This way you can post fresh content and also know when to post what.

Make the Most of Information around You

Overload of information sometimes makes us perplexed as to what to embrace and what to reject.

In-depth Keyword Research and Web Analytics: Web page views, search volumes, keyword research, and website navigation are some of the things that can be integrated into your content strategy. It will make the information that you post more pertinent, and can be found in the search engine results pages.

Crowdsourcing Ideas: Many companies are now crowdsourcing ideas to get a better understanding of what customers want. Once you know this, it will be easier to offer what your targeted audience wants.

Analyze Social Behavior: Study and analyze what your customers (both existing and potential) are doing on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter. Analyze:

  • What they are discussing?
  • What topics or contents are getting the most number of likes?
  • Who they are following?
  • What images or visuals are more liked by your target audience?

Doing so will help you create user-friendly content and improve interaction.

Use These Tools to See What’s Resonating

There are social media tools that will help you know what users are doing, what they are talking about, what’s resonating, and also find influencers who will befriend your brand. Let’s have a look at the tools:

Content Marketing Institute: This is a useful resource to find tools that will help you succeed in your research and also gauge your content marketing efforts.

Tweet Binder: This is a free tool that helps you understand the reach, impact, followers, and contributors for the people who are discussing about a specific topic. It will help you know how popular your content is on social sites and the number of shares generated.

Topsy: Another free tool that helps in finding influencers on certain topics.

Finding Your Brand’s Influencers

An influencer who is engaged with your content is someone who likes your posts and got inspired to share. You can find your engaged influencers amongst those who comment or share your posts socially. These influencers can be colleagues, thought leaders or celebrities. These people have the ability to make your brand popular and reach out to your targeted audience.

What’s your take on this subject? Please feel free to comment.

What Makes a Stellar Photography Website Design?

Photography website design

If you are a photographer reading this post, you already know that your website is the most powerful tool to give you and your work the required exposure. A photography website design helps clients know about you and find your works through Google search. All of this, is however, not as simple as it sounds. Remember clients who look for good photographers look for someone with spick-and-span camera handling skills. So, you need to show to the world at large that you are the best! Thanks to this age of digital marketing where you can showcase your work and give it global exposure in varied ways. Let’s read on to learn more.

No Flash

Flash – A BIG No!

Flash based sites may look attractive but will load pretty slowly and unavailable to those who are trying to access photography sites using their mobile devices. Even if it is accessed using PCs or laptops, your portfolio page will take several minutes to load. And, you know that web users are impatient and have a very limited attention span.

There is another drawback of flash oriented sites. You will not be able to integrate keywords to the visuals used. Yes, I am talking about ALT tags. This way search engines will have difficulty indexing your site, and this will severely affect your site’s rankings on Google’s search results pages. If users are unable to find you on the first page of Google, the whole purpose of designing a website with animations and flying texts become futile.

Add a blog

Add a Blog

I know that starting a blog with interesting and engaging content is painstaking and requires a lot of time and effort, but blogging offers a plethora of benefits to photographers. It’s not necessary that you will have to post lengthy articles about photography ideas and tips all the time. You can make it more engrossing with a mix and match of text and visuals. For example, if you are good at capturing landscape elements or have a penchant for capturing still life, post those snaps with a smart caption. The greatest benefit of blogging is that it will make people come back to your site.


Do Not Forget SEO

No matter how attractive your portfolio page, you must not ignore SEO. Use relevant keywords, rich content, backlinks to related and quality websites, and of course a simple and easy to understand navigation system so that your site can be easily used and browsed by web users. In simple words, prospective clients should be able to access the information or images easily without getting puzzled by a labyrinth of       complicated navigation menus.

Organize content

Organizing the Content

The portfolio page is the most important page as far as a photography website is concerned. Here are some useful ideas to help you:

Arrange your work according to different categories – The best works should be displayed first, next show samples of your diverse snaps, and finally the middle portion of the portfolio page can be filled with your experience as a photographer. This strategy will work because you wow your potential clients first with the best works; show the diversity of your skills, and finally wowing them again!

And, it is needless to say that that you will add a strong call-to-action for motivating visitors to take some action after visiting your site.

Are you designing your portfolio page? Please share your experiences.

Exploit the Benefits of Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business Performance

Mobile apps

Have a mobile app for your business? Not yet? It’s high time that you seriously consider mobile app development and exploit the benefits to improve business performance. Let’s read this post to understand the benefits it will shower on your business.

Customer engagement

Engaging with Your Customers

When it comes to modern digital marketing, you simply cannot ignore a huge target audience using handheld devices. One of the greatest advantages of using mobile applications is that you can engage with your customers in real time and in places where other forms of media cannot. If done in the right manner, you will not only be able to create customer engagement but also turn them into ones generating revenues for your company!

Not getting my point? Well, let’s cite an example to make this point clear. For example, if you look at Kraft’s amazing app, i.e. the iFood Assistant, it keeps end users engrossed with more than 2000 recipes. You will also find shopping lists, great deals, and coupon features to attract consumers. Consumers are also able to share recipes with friends on social sites using this app.

Promotion with mobile apps

Great for Promotion

Mobile apps are also great for promoting your company’s products. Say for instance, you have a pizza store on a busy city thoroughfare with several commuters passing by within a mile of your pizza outlet. While walking, if these customers are notified on their smartphones that your pizzeria is providing coupons with a buy 1 get 1 free offer, there are high possibilities of these customers visiting your store for a bite of cheese dripping pizzas! This means that mobile apps are not only beneficial for business promotion but also for increasing sales.

Excellent customer service

Excellent Customer Service

Mobile apps not only benefit businesses but also customers. Make your customers’ life simpler by helping them connect with your brand and use tools to make their life simpler when using your company’s products or services. Consider, for instance, mobile banking apps that help customers access their account, check account balance, make money transfers, pay utility bills, deposit checks, and so on. This not only provides excellent customer service but also serves as a value-added service that your targeted audience will definitely like.

These apps help you reach out to a wider target market as people can even shop for your products on the go! What mobile applications have you developed? Who is your target audience? Please feel free to comment.

White Space in Website Design – It Matters

White space in website design

As far as white space in website design is concerned, designers love to use it. If you look at any professionally designed web pages, you will see the use of white space and it is an important element of a good design. However, some site owners think that it’s wastage of space and could be utilized to promote products or services. Is it actually so? Of course not!

Before discussing this topic in detail, I will explain what white space is and why it is so important.

Understanding from a Designer’s Perspective

When you hear designers referring to white space, they are actually implying negative space. To explain in simple words, it is the space between the screen components. And, it’s not necessary that it will always be white. A designer may use a color or a texture but it doesn’t include any screen elements.


Coming to the benefits, the use of negative space in web design creates aesthetic appeal. Again, the appropriate use of it has a positive impact on the effectiveness of your website.

Better Understanding

Gap between chunks of text or paragraphs actually helps users understand the text better. They have a feeling that they are reading better with the inclusion of negative space in between texts. As per a research conducted in the year 2004, web visitors’ comprehension abilities increases up to 20 percent.

 Increased Legibility

This is the most obvious of all the benefits. To understand it, you only have to compare between 2 sets of text – one with no space and one with white space used between texts. Obviously the latter will be easier on a reader’s eye and improve readability.

Conveys an Apt Tone

The use of negative space actually helps you to communicate an appropriate tone to your targeted audience. In other words, you are able to convey freshness, elegance and openness. And, it’s not always the look and feel of the design that you wish to convey but something more than that.

More Attention

Sometimes, web designers use it to attract a visitor’s attention to any specific screen component. If you ask an amateur about how to make a screen element stand out from the rest, he will say to make it bigger. This technique might not work most of the times. When you enlarge the size of any component of a web page, it will appear bigger no doubt but lack in terms of aesthetic appeal. On the contrary, if you add a lot of white space surrounding the element, visitors are sure to notice it first because that section of the page is free of clutter.

How do you use white space in your website? And, how does it benefit you? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Digital Marketing Trends that Businesses Must Embrace in 2014

Digital marketing trends 2014

The way information is shared on the web has a significant impact on online marketing. In the last few years, we have seen that inbound techniques have surpassed outbound tactics due to the spiraling popularity of unique content. This is the reason businesses are publishing useful and engaging information instead of attracting customers with advertisements. Keeping this in mind, this post will walk you through some of the top digital marketing trends that can be implemented by in 2014. 

Content marketing

Content Marketing Will Dominate!

The primary reason companies are establishing their authority and winning the trust of customers is by churning out useful and engaging content. The content published is providing valuable information or entertainment to your targeted audience. For B2B marketing, rich social content, informative articles on your business website, case studies, videos, newsletters, and articles on other important websites will help you establish authority in your niche market. 

SEO and social signals

Social Signals and SEO to Play a Pivotal Role

Social signals and organic SEO will continue to play a significant role in 2014. That’s why a professional SEO company offering SEO services is more focused on organic link building and creating rich social content. To be candid, both search engine optimization and social media are considered important pillars of SEO. 

Google is keen on providing users with supreme quality content. So, it’s no wonder why a product page or a blog having quality content, relevant keywords, links, and the maximum number of social shares rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Diversify social media

Diversify Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Even a few years back, companies used a limited number of social sites for their social media marketing campaigns. These mainly included Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The scenario is not the same now as more and more companies are using other networking platforms like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumbler. These sites are growing in popularity and providing businesses with a myriad of benefits and new options so that they can target potential customers across all the popular social networking sites. 

Image oriented content

More Use of Image-Oriented Content 

The content that is published should be easily digestible by your end users. This is where the importance of image-oriented content comes into play. Look at social sites such as Pinterest and you will understand why image-based content is better for viral marketing than chunks of bland text. 

A few examples will make this point clear. If you look at the top performing blogs, you will be seeing that high-resolution pictures have been placed strategically to clear text clutter, or to accentuate essential points. Another way you can capture audience attention is by designing infographics using less amount of text to explain a specific topic.  

Mobile friendly content

Mobile-friendly Content Will Rule

With the skyrocketing popularity of high-end tablets and smartphones, it’s high time that companies create content that is responsive to such devices. You can build a mobile-friendly version of your business website through responsive web design to provide a positive user experience to those users who are surfing the web using their mobile devices. 

Less is more

The Less is More Principle

It’s true that there is information overflow on the web. To be honest, consumers are bombarded with surplus information and bothering advertisements. This is the reason smart digital marketing professionals are walking down the opposite path. They are toning down their marketing messages so that customers are not overwhelmed with glorified advertisements. 

So, these are some of the marketing trends that you can focus on. Have I missed something? Please share more information if you like.

Website Design Ideas to Make Your Pages Pop this Year!

Web design trends 2014

Gone are those days when websites had bland text, dull typography, low quality images, and elements that lack appeal or taste. Unfortunately, there are some sites that still lack the spark and elements that attract visitors. If you have web pages that are failing to make their mark, here are some smart website design ideas to make your page pop in 2014.

Content is king

Content is King

Just like there is no party without guests, there is no website without rich and engaging content. So, when you start designing your business site, ensure that you focus on quality content along with the design. Visually appealing graphics with rich and relevant text is the trend that will rule 2014. It’s not necessary that you have to post lengthy 500 word articles all the time to make your pages pop. This is an age of infographics – the perfect balance of text and visuals – so integrate it into your web pages.

Mobile-friendly design

Mobile-friendly Design

When you are planning the layout of the pages, make sure they look equally attractive and easy-to-navigate on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets along with PCs or laptops. In this age of high-end technology when people are shopping online using their mobile devices, there is nothing more disappointing than coming across a website selling great products but only compatible with PCs!

Embrace responsive web design so that information can be easily accessed and viewed properly on a mobile screen. If your design is not in sync with mobile technology, you are definitely lagging behind.

Creative web typography

Give Text a Creative Spin

A mix and match of web fonts will take your website to the next level. Choose up to three types of fonts and use them appropriately throughout the pages to create a wonderful contrast. If your web designer can use typography intelligently, over-reliance on large sized images will lessen and your text based content will benefit in terms of a creative spin.

web animationParallax scrolling

A Bit of Animation

Now with CSS3 and HTML5, add more spark to your web pages with animation. Parallax scrolling, for example, makes use of such technologies to wow your visitors and creates a remarkable impact to make your site unforgettable. As far as these tools are concerned, they move both the content as well as the graphics along with the page adding more depth and making your website lively and eye-catching.

Background images

Background Visuals

When it comes to 2014 web design trends, you will do well if you dare to be valiant by using background images that will fit the entire computer screen making a statement. This technique will not only spice up your web pages but also make them more dynamic leaving a prominent impression on the minds of the visitors who land on your page. Yes, they will come back for more!

And, it’s needless to say that your page layouts will be simple and easy to navigate. So, are you planning to revamp your site this year? What ideas are you incorporating? Please share your thoughts.